Best Solutions For Small Kitchen Design

Deciding a small kitchen design is easy as long as you can find the best solutions. There are four elements need special attention, such as drawers, furniture, cabinets and counters. Not only that, there is one aspect need special attention: the simplicity. Let’s discuss the best small kitchen design solutions.

small kitchen design solutions

Arrange drawers

Spend a time to arrange the drawers for easy access. Store the cooking utensil such as serving spoons, knives, spatulas near stove. Store the napkins near the silverware. Store the sponges, washcloths and hand towels near the sink area. A good arrangement will give an easy access, easier to get something.

furniture small kitchen design solutions

Important furniture

Storage feature often become a huge problem for a small kitchen. Don’t put too much furniture without important functions! Choose the furniture with storage function to store kitchen items such as plates, pans, pots and many more. Prepare furniture to store food items such as sugar, flour, cereal and many more. Don’t put oversized furniture and too much smaller furniture. This is one of the best small kitchen design solutions to create a roomy feeling.

light cabinet small kitchen design solutions

Light cabinets

Cabinet is important feature for any kitchen design, even for small kitchen. Choose a light color or a light stain when buying a new cabinet. If you already have dark cabinet, repaint or re-stain it in a light color. Dark colors will create a bad impression for small space while the light colors will create a spacious illusion. Arrange neatly all items inside the cabinet for an easy access.

neat counter small kitchen design solutions

Neat counters

The counters should free from cluttered! Remove unwanted and rarely used items. Use the counters to hold important items such as spice bottles, kitchen necessities and certain appliances. Use decorative baskets to store spice bottles and kitchen necessities to create a nice look.

simplicity small kitchen design solutions


It’s one of small kitchen design solutions! Kitchen must appear simple and minimalist, especially if the limited space is the huge problem. Pay attention to windows, remove heavy and long curtains with short and sheer curtains. Remove a cluttered appearance by eliminating unwanted and unnecessary items.

The solutions above will make small kitchens look comfy and roomy, take a look very small kitchen design pictures to get more ideas.

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