The Best Small Kitchen Storage Solutions

Every kitchen must have a proper storage feature without regard the space condition. A small kitchen needs a good storage solution to store all items and create a neat look. There are many articles on the internet about small kitchen storage solutions. You may need them to create a functional kitchen without busy appearance.

shelves small kitchen storage solutions

The first thing is analyze your needs. Take a look around the kitchen room and find out which areas are the biggest challenges to handle. What kind of storage do you need? Is it to store food, cookware, appliances and knickknacks? Several homeowners designating a certain space in the kitchen for specific items, but sometimes out of the primary function and become a spot to store all items.

Every item you store in the kitchen must be relating to your cooking activity. Do not put any cookbook, but place your collection to a bookshelf in another room and not in the kitchen. Your cookbook collections may take up too much space, especially if you have a huge collection. It does not matter to bring one or two books to the kitchen, but you must put them back where they belong.

organizing small kitchen storage solutions

Decide the things you must eliminate after finding out the real challenges. This can be a hard task to do, but you must think and consider carefully. Items are classified into three types: often use, rarely use and never use. Remove never use items and only left the items that are often use and rarely use.

Small kitchen storage solutions that you can consider are shelving, hanging racks, and slide-out storage. Since you have a small kitchen, use small storage furniture only. Storage not only to store usable items, in this matter you also need to provide a trash bin. Buy a smaller trash bin to save more space even though requires you taking out the garbage more frequently.

eliminate unwanted items small kitchen storage solutions

Mounting certain kitchen appliances such as the microwave is one of the best small kitchen storage solutions to create a free up space. Maybe it is not the best answer for several people, but they can consider an appliance garage to hide rarely items. This garage only need minimal investment and won’t make you bankrupt.

Store all the lids in one place is much better and in this case you need a large bin. Remove lids that are not incomplete, they only adding to the clutter. Prepare several containers to store necessary items, for example a container for ingredients or spice bottles and don’t forget to label any containers for easy access.

analyze your needs small kitchen storage solutions

There are so many small kitchen storage solutions, not only focus on the furniture but also organizing. If everything is well-organized, small kitchen will be functional and appear larger. Stay minimalist, avoid a busy look and never let the counter looks cluttered. Organize and maintain your kitchen space routinely.

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