The Best Small Kitchen Islands And Ideas

Kitchen islands already become important feature, any kitchen design will look incomplete without them. You can find islands in a variety of options and made of various materials. Nowadays, small kitchen islands become highly popular recently as offer different features, functions and ideas.

small kitchen islands ideas

These islands are not only to put knick knacks and spices, but also to hold small appliances. Several homeowners use them as additional dining table or workstation, while the others use islands as coffee table or mini bar. Many manufacturers offer small islands with a lot of features. There are many ideas and options, choose the one that is right for lifestyle and home. Identify your needs before buying a small kitchen island.

One of the best ideas often found in small kitchen islands is the wheel. A movable island is a favorite option for many homeowners. This island can be moved out to another room and built with features.

Creativity is a gift, if you able to use it carefully, transform kitchen cart as the island. How to do it?

Kitchen cart

cart small kitchen islands ideas

It’s easy to find, available in many sizes. The cart also has wheels, so it can move around. You can use it as extra work space, utility and storage. Several options on the market are also available with pot or towel holders that are made of stainless steel and wood bars.

Wine cart

wine small kitchen islands ideas

Changing the function of a wine cart as a kitchen island is not an impossible thing to do. Not only offers an extra work space, there is wine storage space that you can use to store other beverages. If you are highly creative person, change this cart as a bar island. Wine cart have storage for cutting boards, so it can be a perfect island for food prep. The wheel is a favorite feature loved by many people.

There are so many kitchen island ideas for small space. If you are going to use wine cart or kitchen cart as the island, use creativity to make it look different and functional. These are the best small kitchen islands and ideas you can use.

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