The Best Photos Of Kitchen Design

There is nothing more fun than deciding a new design for kitchen, but it’s a daunting and challenge task. The important key when designing a kitchen is having a list of must-have things and the price list. Nowadays, thanks to internet, finding ideas become easier. More and more people spend their times to take a look to kitchen design photos, help them gain more references and ideas.

Remember the basic principles of kitchen design when incorporating ideas. A nice kitchen design must have a functional layout. A nice work triangle should support three important features such as refrigerator, sink and stove. So, kitchen activities become easier and save more time.

kitchen design photos


Choosing an oversized and deep sink is a nice investment to avoid splashing of water outside the sink when cleaning up large dishes and utensils. Don’t forget to have a hot water connection.

kitchen design photos


Be careful when selecting countertops, there are several things you need to consider carefully and need some research. Kitchen is the busiest room in the house, so choose countertop offers the best quality and consider the main material carefully. A durable countertop is a nice investment for a longer time.

kitchen design photos


If you pay attention carefully to the kitchen design photos, ventilation become the most important feature to ensure kitchen always have a hygienic and clean look. Place the exhaust fan and the chimney in a strategic location. Design your cabinets for maximum utility.

kitchen design photos

Good lighting

Another important feature is lighting system. Most kitchen design photos have proper lighting in several important areas such as island, sink, and countertop. As sweetening, install decorative lighting such as pendant or chandelier. Take a look lighting systems on kitchen design photos.

There are several popular styles if you take a look to kitchen design photos.

kitchen design photos


More and more people are interested into this style, famous for its modern design. Kitchen gadgets and stainless steel appliances become common elements.

kitchen design photos


Unlike farm kitchen design, country kitchen isn’t overly-dominated in rustic look. This style relies on specific motif such as sunflowers or apples.

kitchen design photos


Modern style became more popular recently. Sleek lines and clean appearance become the key features. Take a look to modern kitchen design photos.

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