The Best Lighting for Kitchen Island

A kitchen island needs a proper lighting based on what you use the island for. Most homeowners use their islands as extra work space or an area for dining and breakfast. In this case, this furniture needs ambient light. However, not an easy case finding the best island lighting, there are so many types of lighting fixtures. Here are several options of kitchen island lighting you can use.

Task lighting

island lighting

Some homeowners use their islands as extra work space, whether for preparing and cooking. The island lighting must be able to ease activity and task lighting is the best answer. Consider pendant lighting that is able to eliminate many shadows and illuminate the work area. Choosing pendant will be easier as you can find it in many form, start from small until large.

If pendant is not the best answer for you, please take your attention to track lighting as an alternative choice. This can be a smart decision because the bulbs can be directed to certain areas of the island and this island lighting able to eliminate shadows. For a large island, better use fluorescent tube lighting, which able to illuminate a wide area.

Combine Task and Ambient Lighting

island lighting

Do not forget ambient lighting, it is very important for island as a focal point. A good lighting help improve mood since the island also serves as a breakfast bar, you need to install low-light systems such as globes or chandeliers. Trying to combine task and ambient lighting is not an easy mission, but you can include a dimmer switch. This is a handy tool helps you get a nice bright light for preparing, cooking or cleaning and get you mood lighting. If this island lighting option not gives you complacency, consider having two sets of track lighting: one set for softer or colored bulbs and the other using bright clear bulbs.

Finding out the best island lighting is not easy. You need to know the basic function of your kitchen island, what is the real purpose? This will help you out decide the best lighting fixtures.

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