The Best Layout For Galley Kitchen Design

What is the best layout for galley kitchen design? If you have small rectangular kitchen, corridor or galley concept become the best choice. There are two basic things need special attention: dimension and design elements. Let’s find out more regarding galley kitchen design layout.

galley kitchen design layout


A work zone should have a maximum length of 8 feet, meanwhile a galley concept should have a width between 7 to 12 feet, but don’t forget to prepare a minimum of 3 feet between countertops. However, if 3 feet between countertops is too tight or close, consider 4 to 5 feet between countertops for more optimal space.

Design elements

When talking galley kitchen design layout, there are three elements we need to focus such as countertops, cabinets and work triangle.

countertop galley kitchen design layout

a. Countertops

Galley concept must have two counters on opposing walls and make sure they should have equal length and height. This requirement will create a maximum working surface so doing kitchen activities become easier and accessible.

cabinet galley kitchen design layout

b. Cabinets

Base cabinets must have a minimum of 24-inches deep. Optimize the height of cabinets as extra storage. Never install upper cabinets above the sink area as it will create a bad look and activity in front of the sink interrupted. Use upper cabinets based on the function to store important items.

work triangle galley kitchen design layout

c. Work triangle

If you want to combine traditional style and galley concept, an equilateral triangle is a nice choice for this combination. Put one element on one wall as the center part between two opposite walls. In this case, you can put the refrigerator as the center element. If you have a standard refrigerator, place it on the wall with two other elements.

Extra consideration

For a harmonious look, consider to place the sink area right in front of a kitchen window. Eliminate dark area by installing task lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting.

If you want to create a nice galley kitchen design layout, consider two things above: dimension and design elements. Don’t forget spend a time to look galley kitchen design pictures to get more inspiration.

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