The Best Kitchen Tiles for Walls, Floors and Countertops

If you are asking how to design a kitchen, then there are many things you need to prepare and one of them is selecting the best tile for flooring, walls, backsplash or countertops. Well, this is not an easy case because kitchen tiles are made of different materials and can give unequal effect.

Do not have any idea? Here are kitchen tiles you can select!

1. Ceramic tiles

kitchen tiles

These tiles are made of clay which offers tough and heat resistant properties. Most homeowners use these to cover the walls and countertops. In essence, these tiles are valuable choice because durable and cost effective, the most important is available in various colors.

2. Natural stone tiles

kitchen tiles

One of the best kitchen tiles which fall into several types such as limestone, slate, travertine, marble and granite. These tiles not only perfect for flooring, but also countertops and walls.

3. Porcelain tiles

kitchen tiles

Most of the homeowners feel satisfy with these tiles because they do not chip easily and scratch resistant.

4. Vinyl tiles

kitchen tiles

One of the cheapest kitchen tiles, a good choice for people with limited budget. If you try to compare them with the other types, you will feel startled because they are more cost effective. Most vinyl tiles are available in peel and stick option, which means easy for the installation.

5. Metal tiles

kitchen tiles

One of the best kitchen tiles that is perfect with stainless steel utensils that dominate over the room. Most of contemporary kitchens use these and combine them with copper or bronze finishes.

6. Glass tiles

kitchen tiles

These tiles become popular choice for people who want to build a luxury kitchen, no wonder they offer a beauty touch. Glass tiles are perfect for walls, floors, countertops and backsplash. Some homeowners use them as borders for mosaics.

7. Saltillo tiles

kitchen tiles

Saltillo is one of the best kitchen tiles for Mediterranean-style. However, these tiles have shortcoming such as chipped and break easily, need a regular maintenance and special treatment. If the tiles are dirty, please them with a damp mop without using harsh cleansers.

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