The Best Kitchen Renovation Advice

When starting a kitchen renovation project, there are small things you need to pay attention carefully. Why? They are able to give huge impact and sometimes can run in limited budget. If you need kitchen renovation advice about those small things, this article has useful tips.

kitchen renovation advice


Instead of buying new cabinets, maximize the existing one. Remove the old hardware such as hinges and drawer slides. This idea gives full function for cabinet doors to work properly, open and close without any trouble. Renew cabinet interiors by using wood veneer since this option is more durable than other materials such as particleboard, laminate or melamine. If you have wood cabinetry, better give a new stain rather than a new paint. However, the choice is yours, but a new stain will offer a warm feeling.

Vertical storage

If there is empty space on the wall, install open shelves to show off glassworks collection or eating utensils. A kitchen renovation advice, choose kitchen cabinets that go to the ceiling and consider this option if you have seven or eight-foot ceilings.

kitchen renovation advice

Elegant countertop

A kitchen will get a perfect look if there is an elegant countertop. Many options you can pick such as stained wood, White Carrara marble, plastic laminate with a wood edge, honed Kirkstone slate, Wiarton limestone and soapstone. Whatever you choose, make sure the countertop meet your desire and fit to budget.

A proper island

Before placing an island in the middle of kitchen, choose an island that has an airy look. In this case, the island doesn’t function as extra storage for appliances or other items. An island must show its main function and moveable for small space.

kitchen renovation advice

Easy maintenance

As a kitchen renovation advice, make sure the surface is easy to maintain and clean. Please be careful when choosing floor and countertop, learn carefully the characteristics owned by certain materials.

Basic appliances

Avoid fill the kitchen with too much appliances and gadgets, only basic appliances to meet your need. Too much appliances in the kitchen will create a narrow, busy look. Consider the size of appliance, slim and small appliances will help save more space. It’s a kitchen renovation advice that really helpful.

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