The Best Kitchen Islands And Ideas

Kitchen islands already become important feature in any kitchen design. Manufacturers produce them in various designs and styles to match needs and personal preferences. Three styles to choose: permanent fixture, counter top and cart. Let’s talk the best kitchen islands and ideas.

Cart islands

kitchen islands ideas

The price of kitchen islands depends on the style and several factors. Choose the one that gives you full benefits. The cart style of kitchen islands is the best choice for homeowners with limited budget. They are very functional and simple. Most of cart islands have three or two shelves right under a cutting board top.

Many manufacturers made them from plastic, wood and stainless steel. One of kitchen island ideas, a popular feature loved by many homeowners is the wheels. Cart islands are completely mobile, movable. Many homeowners use the top surface to hold small appliances and microwaves, but the others use it as an additional workstation.

Counter top islands

kitchen islands ideas

The price of counter top islands is more pricey than the first option. Just like cart islands, several manufacturers made products with mobile feature or wheels. This option is made of different materials such as granite, stainless steel, ceramic tile and butcher block. Many features are available such as inside storage covered by sliding and swinging doors.

Permanent islands

kitchen islands ideas

The last option is a permanent island or a customized island. Compared to cart and counter top islands, the most expensive type is permanent islands. Several homeowners use the islands as a breakfast bar. Since it’s a customizable option, many homeowners opt to go with built-in additional sinks or cooking facilities. This island fits well in any shape such as L-shape, rectangular, oval, round and square. Find a design and features that suit with your kitchen.

When talking kitchen islands and ideas, pay attention to the material also. Natural woods become the most common material such as birch, red oak, poplar or maple. Some kitchen islands also made of stainless steel, but there are also islands made from a combination between wood and stainless steel. Popular styles are French country, traditional and contemporary.

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