The Best Kitchen Islands Ideas For Small Kitchens

Is a kitchen island does not suitable for small kitchen? That is not true! In fact, there are many kitchen islands on the market especially made for small kitchens, plus many ideas for cheap custom islands. In this article, you will get a lot of knowledge how to have an island in small space area.

table kitchen islands ideas for small kitchens

Do you ever see a wine cart? Many manufacturers produce it in different purposes, not only as a wine bottle holder. More and more homeowners changing wine carts become more functional and multipurpose. They use the countertop of wine carts as a food prep area and store important utensils. Wine carts available in many options, they are stable and sturdy enough as extra counter space. Wheel feature is the best thing to consider, so you can move the cart to another room for temporary and create a spacious look in your lovely kitchen.

table kitchen islands ideas for small kitchens

Besides wine cart, consider a kitchen cart too. Most kitchen carts on the market are movable, thanks to wheel feature. You can find them in many different sizes, so choose the small one based on your kitchen size. The kitchen carts available in a variety of features for example stainless steel bars to hold towels. Choose a cart that meet your needs, consider the size and features.

tiny kitchen islands ideas for small kitchens

Island tables also a nice solution for small kitchens. They have no bars and shelves underneath as there is only an empty space for seating where you can put chairs and stools. Island tables have many functions besides extra counter space, they are a perfect choice to display appetizers during house events and parties.

If budget becomes the real enemy, consider potting table that often use in an outdoor patio or greenhouse. There is no need to buy a new one, go to flea markets or make your own version. A potting table is an ideal choice for a small kitchen, most products are narrow and have plenty of shelving. One of the best kitchen island ideas for small kitchens is modifying your old ironing board as the island. All you need is a little update such as placing a wood countertop on the surface.

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