The Best Kitchen Faucets & How to Clean Them Up

Kitchen faucets come in different materials, styles, prices and brands. Buying one for your kitchen won’t be an easy task because there are many considerations. Don’t make a wrong decision, a faucet should become a potential investment. It helps increase home value and control water bill if you make a good decision. Kitchen faucets offer different advantages and features. Homeowners must learn them carefully. Here are several steps you can take to get a good one.

Brass material

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A good faucet must have brass material. White plastic is not a good material since it always turns yellow over time. How to make sure a faucet contains brass material? First, the price! It’s more expensive than the one made of plastic. Second, the weight! It weighs more because of the metal outside and inside the faucet.

Ceramic cartridge

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A good faucet must use ceramic cartridge, it less susceptible to material buildups and rusting. How to pick a faucet with this cartridge? When going to a store, you can ask the representative. Even though, the price is a little bit expensive, but it can be a good investment in the future.

Pull-out spouts

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Buy a faucet that offers pull-out spouts or as alternative, you can pick a metal-to-metal pull-out faucet. It’s more durable and can be a good investment.

The handle

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Before buying a kitchen faucet, try to feel the handle. Try to move it! If your hand feels comfy, this can be a good choice. Make sure the handle is easy to operate, even for children too. Don’t forget durable factor too.

After getting a good kitchen faucet, you have to learn its maintenance. This is really important, so it looks like a new and longer lasting. Here are several steps to clean up kitchen faucets.

1. Take a spray bottle and fill it with undiluted white vinegar. Spray the faucet and let the vinegar works, wait for 10 minutes.

2. Take a damp sponge to wash the sink. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the base of the faucet. Do not forget to scrub the faucet, especially the part where the water comes out. Perform the same thing to the trap at the end of kitchen faucet.

3. The last thing, prepare a sponge and clean water to rinse the kitchen faucets and use a clean cloth to dry the faucet.

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