Best Kitchen Designs And Inspiring Photos

When planning build or remodel a kitchen, many homeowners confuse to decide the best design. To be honest, kitchens have so many design options and choosing the best isn’t an easy case. Spending time to look kitchen designs and photos on the internet can boost inspiration. Many ideas can build a specific design such as fixtures, hardware, appliances, countertops, tiles and cabinetry. Since there is a vast number of design options, research for ideas become the most important thing to do.


kitchen designs photos

Cabinetry already becomes the main feature in any kitchen design. The layout of the cabinetry isn’t the same, but unique to each kitchen design. Finding the best cabinetry is easy, three things you need consider: the size of kitchen, the types of cabinets and the place for cabinets.¬†After you decide the design of your kitchen cabinets, decide the stain that fit to your kitchen room. Smaller kitchens will look open and spacious if the cabinetry uses lighter-colored stain.

kitchen designs photos

Consider the durability as well as appearance when choosing countertops. The most popular choice is granite, while several homeowners also choose countertops made of stainless steel, wood, laminated, ceramic tile and engineered stone. Make sure the color and material of countertops complete other elements in the kitchen such as tiles, cabinetry and backslash.

kitchen designs photos

For flooring, you can consider between laminates, wood floors and ceramic tile. The last option is the most popular choice and the material also used to build backsplash. Choose tiles that compliment the flooring when you are going to make backsplash from tiles. Take a look to the kitchen designs and photos on the internet for more references.

Popular designs

When talking designs for kitchen, there are popular choices:

Contemporary design

kitchen designs photos

This kitchen style is famous for simple lines and clean concept. Futuristic kitchen cabinets become popular choice, especially the ones build with no carvings or ornaments.

Shaker design

kitchen designs photos

If you want simple style, shaker design is the best choice. It’s really popular with popular features such as brass hardware, wooden countertops and flat panel doors.

French country design

kitchen designs photos

This design relies on soft colors and wood elements. Ornate carving on furniture becomes important element, so does with natural materials.

Country design

kitchen designs photos

This style has original touch that different from other, sometimes called as early American design.

Look kitchen designs and photos on the internet for more ideas.

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