The Best Kitchen Design Ideas And Budget

There are so many designs you can apply, so does with ideas. The main problem often shows up is the budget you have. A nice kitchen design may need a big budget? Is that true? Well, not all. Even with a budget less than $2000, you can build a nice kitchen design. How to do it? Let’s talk kitchen design ideas and budget you need.

kitchen design ideas budget

Play with paint

Give a new paint to the existing cabinets. Eliminate dark space with a warm white color. Besides painting the cabinets, spend money to update the hardware only. Several elements need a new paint such as table, walls, ceilings, etc. You can cover elements in the same shade or color combination.

sink light kitchen design ideas budget

Lighting for sink

There important areas need proper lighting system, one of them is the sink. Oversize pendant lighting is the best choice, give a nice decorative touch. Complete the look with a single-bowl farmhouse sink if your budget available, this is one of kitchen decorating ideas.

wood counter kitchen design ideas budget

Wood counter

What about the countertop? Many options are available, add warmth to the kitchen space with butcher block countertop. It’s an affordable option, but creates a warm and relax atmosphere.

secondhand furniture kitchen design ideas budget

Secondhand furniture

Buy new furniture can spend a lot of money. Instead of buying new furniture, consider the secondhand ones. Spend a time go to garage sales and thrift stores, find something cheap and affordable for your kitchen. This is one of the best kitchen design ideas and cut budget.

backsplash kitchen design ideas budget

Affordable backsplash

Create a backsplash may cost you a lot, but you can trick out this matter by using ceramic tiles as the material. Install backsplash on stove and sink areas will save you more.

decorative kitchen design ideas budget

Decorative accessories

Create a new appearance with decorative accessories. Installing pendant light over the sink is a great idea! Complete the look with bamboo shade to bring more texture and warmth. Protect the floor with a rug. Place a rug on several heavy traffic areas.

These are kitchen design ideas and you only need to prepare budget less $2000. Your budget will reflect the result, so be wise when making a choice.

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