The Best Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

Homeowners want to have the best kitchen cabinets although the budget always becomes a classic problem. However, getting the best doesn’t mean you have to prepare a big budget. Take a look at the material used! That is a factor to determine the price of cabinet. Here are several best kitchen cabinets on a budget that won’t drain your savings!

best kitchen cabinets on a budget


This material is divided into several grades, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Be careful when selecting cabinets made of plywood. The cheapest is shop-grade plywood, despite the price is affordable, but the quality is not advisable. Consider A-1 grade, the most expensive plywood, the quality is the best without drain your savings.


This is a common material to make a kitchen cabinet. Oak kitchen cabinets are easy to find, they have affordable price too. Even so, oak has many features and one of them is solid surface. No wonder if the oak material becomes one the best kitchen cabinets on a budget.

best kitchen cabinets on a budget


Finding beech cabinets is easy as oak cabinets, this material is a common thing to make cabinets and available in dark or light colors. The benefit, you can apply a certain finish on the surface to get a similar look with different types of woods.


Even though the price is higher than oak, maple still always consider as one of the best kitchen cabinets on a budget. This material is famous for its durable aspect. The most important, maple cabinet is easy to get a new finish.

best kitchen cabinets on a budget


This wood often becomes the main material to make kitchen cabinets. Unfinished pine cabinet helps build a rustic look. The price is affordable, but you have to beware of its quality. This wood is not very solid and strong, but it can be a good choice.


This material is considered a softwood category and often used as a basic material for kitchen cabinets. Fir is a nice choice rather than pine, it’s stronger and less defects. No wonder if fir is taken as one of the best kitchen cabinets on a budget.

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