Best Ideas For Small Galley Kitchen Design

How to decide the best small galley kitchen design? Of course, this won’t be easy, many things need to consider carefully since the space is limited. This article contains small galley kitchen design ideas, the ways to make the space looks spacious and roomy. Are you ready to learn the secrets?

small galley kitchen design ideas

Step one

Put some mirrors to make small galley appear more spacious. Install a grouping of small mirrors above the backsplash, under cabinets or on the walls to reflect the light and illuminate entire room. Mirror always become a good weapon to bring more light and create a spacious illusion even though the space is small.

step two small galley kitchen design ideas

Step two

There two secrets for small galley design: uncluttered and contemporary. Make the countertop free of a cluttered look, throw away unwanted items and store the rarely used items to the cabinets. Important items should be easy to access, make a good arrangement. Small galley design will look awesome and larger if you apply a contemporary style.

step three small galley kitchen design ideas

Step three

A cool paint color is one of small galley kitchen design ideas. Cool colors will make the kitchen look more spacious and larger, you can choose between icy blue and sage green, but there are many options you can pick. Avoid using warmer paint colors, they will make galley kitchen appear smaller. If you take a look to galley kitchen design pictures, the ceilings get a lighter color than the walls, this trick will make the kitchen seem higher and spacious.

step four small galley kitchen design ideas

Step four

Small galley need a storage feature, add shelving and cabinets. Installing shelving to the walls will give extra storage space to put jars, boxes and baskets. Choose cabinets that reach to the ceiling, so there will be more space to store items. Cabinets with glass front doors make the kitchen seem brighter and bigger.

All ideas above will give a huge change for small galley kitchen design. Be careful when applying small galley kitchen design ideas and pay attention to several important things. Read more references and see more pictures to gain more useful ideas.

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