Best Ideas For Kitchen Island Countertop

Island is an architectural element that offers a lot of useful benefits for your kitchen. It doesn’t only help to maximize efficiency, but creating a nice workspace in the center of room. An island becomes a great solution for a kitchen with limited area to work. It also has a function as an extra storage space or holds certain items on the surface. Many homeowners are using the island to help them create a casual eating space. Before buying a kitchen island, there are many ideas that you must know, one of them is countertops.

Stainless steel

kitchen island countertops ideas

This is one of the best countertops for your kitchen island and also a part of modern design ideas. Stainless steel countertops not only create a professional kitchen look, but a unique look for kitchen. As a high quality material, there are many advantages such as easy to clean, resistant to rust, dent and crack. A kitchen island with stainless steel countertop will complete green design ideas because environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


kitchen island countertops ideas

Granite is a perfect material to enrich your island as it helps creating a sleek and sophisticated look for your precious kitchen design. Every slabs of granite has unique pattern, you will never find them with the similar appearance. Granite comes in a variety of colors to suit your desire such as red, brown, beige, gray and black. This material also offers eye-catching details and advantages such as high durability, prone heat and scratch. Most granite counters are last longer.

Butcher block

kitchen island countertops ideas

One of the best kitchen island countertops is butcher block to complete country or farmhouse design ideas. This material is made of woods such as walnut, oak, cherry or maple. This surface is an ideal choice for chopping and cutting, your hand will fully control the items without slipping. The most important, butcher block will bring warm look for country or farmhouse design.

So, there are three ideas you can choose, of course there are still many countertops will fit to kitchen island, but stainless steel, granite and butcher block have something that can boost kitchen design.

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