The Best Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops

Cabinets and countertops already become important part of any kitchen design. However, choosing a cabinet and countertop is not easy as there are many things you need to consider first. This article will try to give ideas for great kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen cabinets

contemporary kitchen cabinets and countertops ideas

There are so many options on the market and won’t be an easy job to make a choice. Several things you need to learn.


Most cabinets are using woods as the main material. RTA, stock and custom-made cabinets are made of Oak, Hickory, Birch, Maple and Cherry. The price can be expensive or cheap based on the main material.

laminate kitchen cabinets and countertops ideas


Cabinets made of natural woods have a lot of finishes to choose from such as glazing, paint and stain. You will have many options to choose something fit to your kitchen design. Several manufacturers also offer distressing techniques on cabinet surfaces such as Rub-through, Antiquing and Rasping.

Shape and size

Most cabinets are available in a variety of standard sizes and shapes. Kitchen cabinets in standard size are more affordable if compared to semi and custom cabinet. Several homeowners decide to order custom cabinets when there is no standard cabinet can meet their needs. They feel no worry to spend more money as long get their goals.

Check quality

The best kitchen cabinets must work properly, there is no sound when you open and close the doors and drawers. Pulls and handles won’t be dislodged easily. Make sure the cabinets can withstand countertop and several items. Spend more time to check quality of cabinets.

There are many ideas for great kitchen cabinets and countertops you must learn. Now, let’s discuss the countertops.


stone kitchen cabinets and countertops ideas

You can find countertop made from different kind of materials such as:


This is one of the most popular materials and famous for its classy, elegance and unique look. The price is a little bit expensive, but it helps boost any kitchen decor, especially the cabinets.

Stainless steel

stainless steel kitchen cabinets and countertops ideas

A material that is famous for an industrial look. Stainless steel countertop will complete contemporary and modern kitchen designs.

Natural stone

A material that is famous for a timeless beauty. This countertop is not the best choice for busy people because it needs regular maintenance for longevity and durability.


This material gives an advantage to small kitchen space because it able to reflect light and make the room appears brighter. Glass countertop will fit to any color scheme and boost kitchen design.

quality kitchen cabinets and countertops ideas


It’s a cheap option but famous for its beauty and elegant look. Now laminate become the most common material although need regular maintenance.

Ceramic tiles

The popularity of ceramic tile countertops is increasing rapidly. This is one of the least expensive choices, available in so many different hues and colors. Most homeowners use different colors to create a unique pattern.

Consider several ideas for kitchen cabinets and countertops above. Learn every option carefully to avoid a wrong choice.

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