The Best Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Before starting your kitchen project, many things need to consider because there are so many kitchen styles can be applied and one of them contemporary. This style attracts attention of several homeowners and they want to apply it to their favored kitchens. Contemporary kitchen designs are famous for uncluttered appearance, seamless finishes and sleek appliances.

contemporary kitchen designs

There are many things need to consider, especially the layout. To make a functional contemporary kitchen, make a plan of proper work triangle. In this case, there are three work areas should be available such as cooking area, storage area, the last one is cleaning and pre-cooking area.

Take a look at the picture of contemporary kitchen designs, there are three concepts: L, U and galley.

1. Galley layout

contemporary kitchen designs

This layout is the best choice for a narrow kitchen because the concept is so simple. Place the sink and refrigerator on the same side meanwhile the range/stove on the opposing side.

2. L layout

contemporary kitchen designs

In this concept, an angle formed by two walls intersect and a work triangle formed by itself. L layout doesn’t require too much space and creates an efficient space. This can be a good option for a kitchen remodel. To enhance the appearance of this layout, place an island if there is enough space.

3. U layout

contemporary kitchen designs

If you go after efficient floor plans, narrow down your option to U layout. This concept requires three walls for storage space and counters. It is a nice choice for homeowners who want to work effectively. For a large kitchen, make sure the three walls are not far away because all elements should be easily reachable. Consider put an island in the middle can be a nice idea.

Most contemporary kitchen designs relied on several important ideas such as color, minimalist design, simple lighting and an uncluttered look. A nice contemporary design always focuses on three layouts. If you don’t know how to do, take a look at the pictures of contemporary kitchen designs and that’s easy. Browse the Google images and type the keyword.

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