The Best Commercial Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island is an important element that must be listed in any design. However, the island for commercial use is not the same as the one for home kitchen. It must durable, strong and sturdy. There are so many commercial kitchen islands available, but the best choice is made of stainless steel. Why?

Stainless steel

stainless steel commercial kitchen islands

Stainless steel is a popular choice that famous for a contemporary and cool look. Besides the number one option for modern kitchens, this material is a great addition to commercial kitchen design. Heat-resistant become the main advantage, marks made by hot pan can be easily removed as only need to wipe down.

Although sturdy, stainless steel can receive scratch. You are suggested covering the surface with a cutting board for chopping and slicing. A wood cutting board will protect the surface of stainless steel island from scratches by sharp knives. What about the maintenance? Use mild, non abrasive cleaners to remove spots and dirt.

Butcher block

butcherblock commercial kitchen islands

Besides stainless steel, butcher block can be included as one of the best commercial kitchen islands. This material is especially made to chop and cut. However, it has several disadvantages such as easy to get stains and hard maintenance. Clean off the surface immediately to cut the chance of stains showing up.

Fusion island

steel butcherblock commercial kitchen islands

Feel lost when making a choice? Consider fusion island, the lower part is made of stainless steel meanwhile using butcher block on the top part. A combination of two materials that will look perfect for commercial kitchen. Butcher block is a popular material for chopping and cutting. Stainless steel is easy to clean.

Wood island

wood commercial kitchen islands

A cheap alternative to stainless steel islands. This material can expose a warm and traditional look. However, wood is not recommended for high traffic use. You can include it to commercial kitchen as long as for light use. Unlike three options above, wood requires wiping down after food prep with water and diluted bleach or water and vinegar.

So, there are four commercial kitchen islands you can consider. Choose the one that fits need and purpose.

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