The Best Commercial Kitchen Counters: Pros & Cons

When looking for a commercial kitchen counter, you will face a lot of options and is not easy to make a choice. Among commercial kitchen counters on the market, the best decision ever is stainless steel. Why?

stainless steel commercial kitchen counters


Stainless steel is famous as a non-porous and sanitary material, so that means free dirt and bacteria. This counter often become a part of commercial kitchen design and can shine in the kitchen. The daily maintenance almost easy as the material waterproof, reduce chance of mildew and mold to develop. The material is not easily rusted and a perfect choice for a wet kitchen environment.

Most commercial kitchens use this counter. People choose stainless steel because it is famous as a durable material and can last for many years. Experts recommend the thickness of counters is 16-gauge. That means, the counter can withstand to different conditions.

As a strong and durable material, stainless steel become one of the best commercial kitchen counters and famous for heat resistant feature. So no need to worry put hot pots and pans directly on the counter. The material won’t get any damage at all.

pros commercial kitchen counters


Unlike other options, stainless steel counters can be an expensive choice. However, no need to worry about. The material can last for many years, you may consider it as a worthwhile investment and cut annual budget for new counters. Unlike other materials, stainless steel easily fit to any color and design choice.

Although famous as a very durable choice, stainless steel can receive dent easily if not installed correctly. Dents will easily show up if there is a gap beneath the surface of the countertop. The material can easily get scratches if food is cut right on the counter. Avoid damage the appearance of the counters by covering the surface with butcher block.

There are many commercial kitchen counters, but the best one is stainless steel. Although the price is expensive, it can be a worthwhile investment.

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