Best Colors For Small Kitchen Design

Color plays an important role in any kitchen design, so be careful when choosing one for small kitchen design. Dark colors can be a bad dream for small kitchen space, they will make the room appears smaller and cramped. Bright and neutral colors become the best solution as they make a wider illusion. So, what are the best colors for any small kitchen design?


small kitchen design colors

This is one of the best small kitchen design colors. White able to make a small kitchen space looks wider. Paint white to the ceilings and walls, some homeowners also use it to cabinets. Hardware of cabinets can be painted in white, such as the handles. Since white can make a drab look, many people create a classic contrast with black appliances and black backsplash. The combination won’t eliminate an open feeling of white kitchen.

Light blue

small kitchen design colors

This color will bring a soothing atmosphere and widen the room. Build a country kitchen by painting the cabinets in pastel blue then combine with white and blue tiles as the kitchen backsplash. If the cabinets are white then paint light blue color to the handles. Buy a set of pastel blue canisters and put them on wall shelves to embellish the white kitchen wall.


small kitchen design colors

Green is one of the best small kitchen design colors. This color will bring harmony and freshness into the room, a part of nature. Green is available in a variety of colors such as avocado, limes and spinach. A combination of avocado green walls and tan cabinets will create an inviting feeling, and complete the design by installing lime green curtains.


small kitchen design colors

There are many small kitchen design pictures using yellow as the base color. People say this color encourages metabolism and mental activity, no wonder if yellow become an ideal choice. Yellow works well for kitchen with stainless steel appliances or a certain kitchen style such as Tuscan or country.

So, there are four best colors for small kitchen design such as white, green, light blue and yellow. Choose the one based on desire.

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