The Best Backsplash Ideas With Granite Countertops

Backsplash is an important element for any kitchen design. Various materials often used to create awesome backsplashes. Choosing a material is not an easy case as there are many considerations you have to think clearly, especially if the kitchens use granite countertops. So, what are the best backsplash with granite countertops? Let’s figure it out!

Granite backsplash

backsplash with granite countertops

For a harmonious visual look, use the same material as countertops. Instead of granite slabs, better use tiles so you can play with color and shape. This trick helps bring in more accent color and avoid a drab look. The backsplash will serve as a new focal point in the kitchen, create a harmonious look between countertops and backsplash.

Alternative natural stones

backsplash with granite countertops

If granite isn’t the best choice for your kitchen style, consider alternative natural stones such as marble, slate, rough river rocks, limestone and soapstone. For contemporary kitchen, choose between marble and slate. For a natural and rustic look, choose between rough river rocks, limestone and soapstone, they are the best choice for country and old-world styles.

Glass & ceramic

backsplash with granite countertops

Consider between glass and ceramic tiles. Each option has different characteristics. Glass tiles will add a nice texture to a traditional or modern kitchen design while ceramic tiles are available in various colors and paintable. Both are the best materials to create an awesome backsplash with granite countertops. Combine these two materials to create custom mosaic patterns.

Mirrored tiles & metal surfaces

backsplash with granite countertops

For small kitchen, the best backsplash with granite countertops, consider using mirrored tiles as they able to open up crowded spaces seem spacious by reflecting the surface and light around them. A popular choice in modern and industrial design is metal surfaces such as aluminum and stainless steel. As an alternative between the two is tin tile, a nice option for a vintage or traditional design.

Granite, natural stones, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, metal surfaces and mirrored tiles are the best ideas of backsplash with granite countertops. So, what is your choice? Decide now!

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