Before After Painting Old Kitchen Cabinets

Painting old kitchen cabinets is the best way to get a new look. Guess what, many people consider this activity is the hardest thing to do. The secret to get success is learning references and pictures of before after painting kitchen cabinets.

Pick the best finish

best finish before after painting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have a variety of functions. Choose the paint can withstand any temperature conditions especially humidity and dry air. Not only that, the paint must withstand to any activity such as the repeated closing and opening of doors. Consider not choosing high-gloss paint as it able reveals every imperfection. Semi-gloss finish becomes the best option if you desperately desire a gloss finish.


primet paint before after painting kitchen cabinets

Before starting a project you must make a proper preparation and it is the most important way for professionally finished cabinets. Protect the floor around the working area with a canvas drop cloth and plastic drop cloths for the walls.

second coat before after painting kitchen cabinets

You need to remove any hardware and doors. Prepare an all-purpose cleaner to wash the doors if you want to apply a new touch over the existing finish. Make sure there is no dirt or grease residue while washing the cabinet doors. Let the surface dry thoroughly.

diy before after painting kitchen cabinets

Use a heat gun to remove the existing finish or layers of paint. This tool makes you easier remove the old finish in a second. Combine with a scraper or chemical stripper to make sure there is no any remaining finish. After the surface of cabinets dry, clean off the surface once again with fine sandpaper. Use a vacuum to remove any dust particles.

Primer & Paint

preparation before after painting kitchen cabinets

Choose the best primer type according to your paint. There are two options: shellac primers with latex paint and oil primers with oil paint. Choose a tinted primer if you want to cover the cabinets in a dark paint color. Spend a time to see before after painting kitchen cabinets, there are many ideas you can apply. Buy primer and paint at the same time.

remove hardware before after painting kitchen cabinets

Everybody can apply a new paint to kitchen cabinets without hiring a professional. Many articles, images and videos of before after painting kitchen cabinets are available in the internet. Make sure to learn them all.

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