Before After Kitchen Designs: How To Build The Best One

How to create a good kitchen design? A simple question with two answers, depend on the shape and size of the kitchen. If the room small, try to add more light and expand the window. Look at before after kitchen designs on the internet before taking final decisions. Getting references from internet, magazine, books and showroom, so you will get enough ideas to create a plan.

Lighting & cabinets

lighting cabinets before after kitchen designs

Besides natural light, a good kitchen design must own a nice electrical lighting. Light cabinets should be on the list, choose maple for the upper walls and combine these with darker cabinets as the base. If you don’t want to install upper cabinets, pick large base cabinets to hold all necessary items such as food supplies, pans, pots and dishes.

Color & Stain

color stain before after kitchen designs

Dare to mix attractive colors and stains! Using one stain only create a boring look, but combining dark cherry and light maple cabinets create an interesting look. Be bold and play with colors! Create a combination of white and black cabinetry, such as black upper cabinets and white base cabinets. There are more finished kitchen pictures on the internet using black and white cabinetry.

The ceilings

the ceilings before after kitchen designs

Several small kitchens have short ceilings, but try raising up the ceilings will make a big difference. Consider between a vaulted or tray ceiling for the kitchen seems large and inviting. Try adding a skylight on the roof if possible. When building a home, make sure the ceilings at least 9-feet tall. Take a look at before after kitchen designs for references.

Decorate island

decorate island before after kitchen designs

There are many ways to add visual impact for a kitchen island, one of them is providing seats. You may consider a central island bar with a cooktop area and stools. It becomes a new focal point and make the kitchen as a good gathering spot.

Quality materials

quality materials before after kitchen designs

Creating an upscale kitchen design is not the hardest thing to do, dare to use attractive tile and wood. Boost visual impact with warm finishes on flooring, walls and cabinetry. For references, you are recommended looking at before after kitchen designs.

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