Before After Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

A new kitchen appearance requires you to spend money. In this case, you need to prepare budget! The big problem when doing kitchen remodel project is the cabinets. New cabinets require big budget. Refacing your old cabinets is the best way. This article contains before after kitchen cabinet refacing as references.

Refacing entire surfaces

entire before after kitchen cabinet refacing

Instead of buying new cabinets, refacing become the best solution since less costly. For a wood front, you can use wood veneer to resurface the cabinets. Please take off the doors, unscrew the hinges and hardware before you start. Prepare sandpaper and degreaser to make sure the surfaces are ready for veneer.

stain before after kitchen cabinet refacing

You must prepare a pneumatic nailer and spray adhesive to affix the veneer on the surfaces. Continue on the other side too. Prepare a laminate cutter and use veneer with adhesive already applied to cover up the cabinet trim. You need to check over all images of before after kitchen cabinet refacing to get a variety of useful references.

retro before after kitchen cabinet refacing

Using wallpaper to cover up the front of cabinets is a great idea and in this case, you need decoupage glue. Since wallpaper available in a variety of options, choose the one fits to kitchen decor. For example, a retro kitchen will look perfect with cheery berry print wallpaper.

Extra additions

extra addition before after kitchen cabinet refacing

Adding elements to cabinetry is an inexpensive way to resurface the cabinet doors. There are many ideas you can consider, for example attach a small picture frame in the same color of cabinet door and put your favorite picture on it. Another great idea is using chalkboard paint on door fronts for a unique message board. You need a place to put chalk too, so on the bottom of the cabinet you can install a piece of molding.

panel flat before after kitchen cabinet refacing

Another idea you must consider is adding trim to a flat panel door. Choose a trim based on the style of kitchen, whether traditional or modern. Get more ideas by looking at before after kitchen cabinet refacing on the internet. Use Google to find a ton of inspiring images.

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