Basic Guidelines to Have Kitchen Islands

Nowadays, kitchen islands already became a popular fixture in a modern home living. Homeowners can find it in different designs and styles, mostly are made to fulfill personal preferences and basic needs. Kitchen islands can be taken into three choices: permanent fixture, counter top and cart styles. The price also varies based on the benefits and style.

kitchen islands

Don’t have any doubt to add island into your kitchen area because it makes the room appear different and increase home value.


kitchen islands

If your budget is limited, but you want to have kitchen islands so bad, pick the cart style. Even though the appearance is so simple, but this style is so functional. Mostly are built with two or three shelves right under a cutting board top. Meanwhile, the cutting board tops are made of different materials such as plastic, wood or stainless steel.

Some manufacturers built cart island with mobile feature, it means, you can move the island to another place if unneeded anymore for a while. This island style is simple, but several homeowners like to put small appliances or microwaves at the top surface while others use it as an additional workstation.

Counter top

kitchen islands

It can be a part of kitchen islands and the price is more expensive than cart style, but at least counter top have the same benefits. Just like cart, you can apply mobile feature or only works as stationary and can’t be moved to anywhere. The cutting board or work area can be made of granite, stainless steel, ceramic tile and butcher block. Totally different from cart style, counter top may have a lot of extra storage.

Permanent fixture

kitchen islands

If many available products in the market can’t meet your basic needs, a customized kitchen island is the best choice, despite the price is expensive. Many people build this kitchen island as a breakfast bar too, a double function. Homeowners can make this island based on layout and available features in the kitchen.

So, what is your choice? These kitchen islands can increase your home value if the functions run effectively. Do not forget consider the size of kitchen room.

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