Attractive Ideas of Contemporary Kitchen Design

Nowadays, more and more people intend to choose contemporary kitchen design. Build this style is easy, all you need is preparing modern appliances, obey to minimalist design, an open floor plan and efficient space planning. As a part of the latest kitchen designs, here are some attractive ideas!

contemporary kitchen design

1. Keep stay in a minimalist concept, in this case, only necessary items should be in the kitchen. Store away unneeded appliances after use and hide them to cabinetry and countertop. FYI, countertop and cabinetry must be in a clean and simple concept. Remove all clutter decoration and install modern appliances.

2. Efficiency is important part of contemporary kitchen design. This concept prioritize the main function, where kitchen as a place to cook and the cooking process easier. All elements must work together, especially the appliances. Consider industrial-grade appliances, these perfectly work out to contemporary style.

Consider not install fabric and hardware to the kitchen windows, but you can install a functional blind to reduce direct sunlight comes in.

contemporary kitchen design

3. Contemporary style must well-organized! Consider the standard kitchen triangle design, which rely on stove, sink and refrigerator. These appliances must stay in a triangle design. Proper layout and organization become something irrefutable.

4. Try to mix up natural textures and elements if you want to create a sleek look to contemporary kitchen. What’s new? You can increase use of wallpaper, stainless steel, glass, tile and stone. Some people also consider using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Play with color, create a unique color scheme. Combine colors on each element!

5. A contemporary kitchen design also needs proper lighting system. Many options are available, but hanging pendants and recessed are the best choice. What about an ornate chandelier? This lighting is not the best option because too heavy and seems out of place in a contemporary space. Some features such as countertop also need a spotlight and a halogen light can be a good option to illuminate.

Above some attractive ideas of contemporary kitchen design you can apply. Not different with modern style, contemporary also follow new trends.

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