Attractive Granite Ideas For Kitchen

Granite is one of the most popular materials which often used to build a kitchen. More and more people choose it since the appearance similar to marble. There are a lot of granite ideas for kitchen. Nowadays, granite is a popular choice as a countertop material. Many homeowners choose it for several reasons such as easy maintenance, natural beauty, heat resistance and durability. Overall, granite is a nice option, available in various finishes and customizable.

Granite countertops

granite ideas for kitchen

We can’t forget about the countertop when talking granite. Many homeowners select granite countertops since they are available in a number of design, texture and color options. Unlike other countertop materials, granite is durable and won’t scratch easily, but the most important is, granite has well-known heat resistance and low maintenance. Overall, granite is an elegant material for countertop and brings a luxurious atmosphere into the kitchen.

Decorative backsplash

granite ideas for kitchen

Granite is the best material for a decorative backsplash and increase the value of the kitchen, especially if there is granite countertop. Not only works as an ornament, granite works well to stop debris and spills from reaching the walls and behind cabinets. Granite backsplash is highly durable and only need low maintenance to look attractive. Backsplash is one of granite ideas for kitchen, many people use granite tiles to make a decorative backsplash since the price is more affordable.

Decorative stove surround

granite ideas for kitchen

If you consider building a decorative stove surround, choose granite as the material. Add more finishing touches by choosing decorative edge treatments made out from granite. This material will protect the wall from heat and stains came by the stove produced by the stove surround. Since stove surround is one of granite ideas for kitchen, complete the look with shelves and alcoves.

Granite colors

granite ideas for kitchen

Since you are going to use granite for kitchen, consider the color carefully. Use light-colored granite for dark kitchens with dark cabinets and walls while for a more formal color scheme, use dark-colored granite. Since color is one of granite ideas for kitchen, not an easy case to make a choice. However, consider popular colors such as ivory white, black, greens, blues, reds and beiges.

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