Several Attractive Country Kitchen Designs You Can Apply

Nowadays, so many decor themes are ready to be applied and one of them is the country design. It can applies to your kitchen and bring a new atmosphere. Country kitchen designs are available in different styles, so these will create a different look than ordinary country style.

country kitchen designs

Most of country kitchen designs can be done in small budget, no need a big budget or buy new furniture to build them up. There are several techniques can change new or old furniture look aged for rustic styles, the quickest way is updating the color on walls and can be done with techniques to make them look aged.

That is the uniqueness owned by country styles. Here are some of country kitchen designs you can apply!

country kitchen designs

1. Elegant and charming, two words that describe French country kitchen. Use provincial paint colors (sage, mustard yellow, terra cotta or pale blue) to cover up the walls and apply them with a sponging technique.

In order to gain a more French country appearance, use distressed woods to several elements such as furniture or floor. Meanwhile for the flooring, you can cover them with bricks, woods or stones.

2. Another style you can try is a Tuscan country design. So easy to build it, all you need is preparing natural materials, distressed furniture and dark woods. Cover up the walls with earthy tones which inspired by the Tuscan scenery. Fill up the room with wrought iron and stone, use mosaic tiles to backsplash and floor.

3. Country style is not always related to rustic things because it can incorporate well with the touch of modern style. Choose kitchen furniture that bring comfort and offer chic appearance. Create a balance of vintage personality and modern design with traditional collections, modern upholstery and offbeat pillows.

These are several attractive country kitchen designs you can apply. Which one is the best for you? Decide your choice based on preference, kitchen condition and budget! Prepare everything well, make a list of your target.

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