Affordable Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Revamp old kitchen decor offers a challenge and totally fun. Several kitchen decorating ideas are affordable for every homeowner and easy to apply without need to hire a professional contractor. Do you want to know the secrets?

kitchen decorating ideas

Paint the walls and ceilings

This is the easiest way to redecorate an old kitchen look like a new one. Several homeowners love to paint the entire room, while others only interested to make one accent wall. Be careful when choosing a color! Color reflects different moods, choose something that may create a relaxed atmosphere or certain condition depends on kitchen style.

Bamboo mat curtains

There are many inexpensive ways giving a new touch to kitchen window and one of them is replacing the current curtain. Try installing bamboo mat curtain! It’s unique and natural, a nice choice for homeowners who want to achieve a country or Asian style.

kitchen decorating ideas

Kitchen cabinets

Updating the old kitchen cabinets become one of kitchen decorating ideas and divides into couple ways such as repaint, re-stain and remove old hardware. Every homeowner can repaint or re-stain their kitchen cabinets without a professional help (read article about how to restore kitchen cabinets on a budget). Remove old hardware and install the new ones will not take too much time, everyone can do it less than two hours.

Extra lighting

Do you need extra task lighting system? Installing under cabinet lighting is one of kitchen decorating ideas to make you easier preparing the foods. This lighting system is available in various styles. If the budget isn’t sufficient yet, utilize a strand of white Christmas lights as the replacement.

kitchen decorating ideas

Cheap mosaic backsplash

How to create a cheap mosaic backsplash? Utilize pieces of broken tile or old plates. Create a design that you want the most and take a look on the internet as references. As alternative, use wallpaper! Choose the one that especially made, not easy to break and durable to moisture or certain condition.

Fresh flowers

Bring a fresh scene into the kitchen by placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on clay vase. Choose your favorite flowers! Replace the flowers every two or three days to boost your mood while being in the kitchen. This is one of the best kitchen decorating ideas.

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