7 Simple Ways to Remodel Small Galley Kitchen

Remodel a small galley kitchen isn’t easy thing because there are serious challenges that confront ready. Make proper planning is the key to success and the kitchen runs according to its function. In this article, you will find a lot of things that help create a cozy kitchen and easy to use.

small galley kitchen remodel

Before you start for a small galley kitchen remodel, there are some improvement should be held.

1. Please consider to choose between glass and frosted glass cabinets. This will help open the kitchen.

2. There are many things make kitchen has cramped appearance, one of them is large patterns on the countertop, backsplashes and install large floor tiles. The best way to solve this problem is using smaller sizes. If you want to use a wood floor, try avoids wide planks. Thinner planks become a perfect choice.

3. Use the cabinet in accordance with its function to store unnecessary items like blenders, toasters, stand mixer or coffee maker. Store all your appliances after using and all rarely used items in the cabinet. Make sure the counters look neat, creating a nice effect to kitchen appearance.

4. Instead of using freestanding appliances, it is better to install built-in appliances. There are many ways you can do such as put a microwave on a shelf, right over the stove and put extra cabinets, right over the refrigerator. Another option, you can put an oven beneath a freestanding range-top.

5. Instead of installing overhead lighting, better off using task and accent lighting. Both will illuminate the room thoroughly and create a wider illusion.

6. When carrying out small galley kitchen remodel, consider to remove the door. It’s really useful to open the kitchen with other rooms then it will create a wider view.

7. Window is an important element and small galley kitchen needs more sunlight to illuminate entire room, especially during the day. You can cover it with window treatments, but find for curtain that easy impassable by sunlight.

Before running small galley kitchen remodel, prepare a proper plan. Kitchen will be running in accordance with its function and facilitate activities like cooking or preparing food.

small kitchen remodel.

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