7 Steps to Replace Kitchen Doors and Drawer Fronts by Yourself

Redecorate kitchen could spend expensive cost! If you don’t have small funds to revamp then make a small change can give big influence! Give a new twist to cabinet could bring deep impact, instead of buying a new one especially now easy to find cheap kitchen doors. You can replace drawer and cabinet doors, even do it by yourself without need to hire a professional to install it.

kitchen doors and drawer fronts

Substitution for kitchen doors and drawer fronts can give a new look to cabinet and even people who come into your kitchen won’t recognize that’s an old stuff.

How to install a cabinet door without need to hire a professional?

kitchen doors and drawer fronts

1. Every cabinet have different hinges position depend on style. Sometimes it is in cabinet and hidden, but could be otherwise. If you have European cabinet, hinge place is next to cabinet doors and easy to remove it.

2. Take a screwdriver and remove all screws which holding to cabinet door. Don’t remove screws attached to hinge, so installation of new cabinet door could done faster. However, you can get rid it if interested to install new hinges.

3. Adjust new cabinet door place to hinge. Make sure it fit completely, could open and close without strange noises. If you have trouble install door cabinet to attach firmly, ask for help from a friend to hold it while you look for a suitable place.

4. After done, replace screws in hinges to cabinet door. Try to do a test by close and open the door, make sure there is no problem at all.

Now, the next step is install drawer fronts!

kitchen doors and drawer fronts

1. Remove old drawer, grab a new one then measure it by using old drawer as a benchmark. Please check slides and make sure new drawer installed completely. If not fit, remove tracks in cabinet and set up the place once more.

2. Make measurement, start from height of bottom drawer slides and height of inside space.

3. Replace drawer fronts are easier than entirety because more efficient, faster and simpler.

Replacing kitchen doors and drawer fronts are easy. Do it if you have limited funds but want big change for kitchen cabinet.


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