7 Steps to Create Galley Kitchen Designs

Many people claim difficulty to carry out galley kitchen designs, but requires only a simple concept, use the space optimally to store furniture and make kitchen activities become easier. If interested to apply, you should consider triangle concept includes stove, prep area / wash and a refrigerator.

galley kitchen designs

Three elements must have location adjacent and easily accessible. It isn’t difficult to get a dream kitchen design, use creativity to create layout and design as there are many ideas ready to execute!

Before start galley kitchen, there is a brief explanation you should know!

Not every kitchen could use this concept, because it has two facing walls and narrow space between them, usually connected to other rooms. Kitchen has a room that not too wide, even narrow, so not able to accommodate more people. Since using minimalist concept, you have to sacrifice furniture to make the room seemed spacious and add a window feature to kitchen.

galley kitchen designs

If you already understand the basic concepts of galley kitchen designs, let’s discuss about furniture layout to make the room remains open.

1. Use work triangle concept! It’s very obliged.

2. On one wall, you can put sink and major appliances. Make sure furniture positioned contiguous to each other so no need to go too far.

3. Put fridge and stove on one wall. So, you don’t need to turn away and take ingredients to make delicious dishes. Cooking activity becomes faster and effective!

4. Where is a perfect place to make prep area? Well, make sure easy to reach running water and sink.

galley kitchen designs

5. You shouldn’t put dishwasher¬†contiguous to sink, so wash dishes more quickly and efficiently.

6. Store all kitchen appliances like mixer, blender or food processor. Choose the one have sleek design.

7. Use vertical concept by create hanging storage and store cooking utensils like pots.

Designing galley kitchen designs isn’t difficult! You should note 7 points above to maximize the space so you can do kitchen activities without difficulty even snag at all.

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