7 Popular Kitchen Decorating Ideas In 2013

Kitchen decor is always changing every year depend on people’s favorite. Every year has different characteristics. So, what are kitchen decorating ideas for 2013? Well, there are many things you should consider.

Splash color

splash color kitchen decorating ideas 2013

White gloss isn’t a trend any more, as more people opt to relaxed and fresh colors such as pale blue, sage green and grey. You are free to mix and match colors depend on desire, but don’t forget pay attention to color scheme of your kitchen.

Freestanding kitchens

mix up kitchen decorating ideas 2013

Choosing kitchen units with legs is one of kitchen decorating ideas in 2013. It means you can move them to another place and easier to remodel kitchen layout. Freestanding units are great option for maximizing kitchen space, but be careful when choosing one.


open shelving kitchen decorating ideas 2013

Placing a dresser in the kitchen seems old fashioned, but nowadays it becomes a new trend. Dresser isn’t only for hiding cake tins and cookbooks, you can also show off collections of pretty plates and cups. If you want to put a dresser in your modern kitchen, apply grey finish on the surface.

Update kitchen units

dresser kitchen decorating ideas 2013

If you don’t enough money for buying new kitchen units, consider updating the old ones you have. Replace cabinetry doors, hardware and countertops will give a completely different look. You can update all kitchen units with your own hands or calling a professional.

Industrial style

freestanding kitchen decorating ideas 2013

Consider steel units and install pendant lamps. This style is suitable for any kitchen design, reinforce industrial look with vintage scales, recycled bottles and jars. There are many ideas you can try, search video about industrial style on Youtube for more references.

Open shelving

industrial kitchen decorating ideas 2013

Install open shelving to display kitchenware, such as cutlery and glasses. In this case, kitchenware is a part of kitchen design. This is one of kitchen decorating ideas in 2013, especially to eliminate a narrow kitchen space.

Mix up finishes & textures

kitchen units kitchen decorating ideas 2013

Try combining different finishes and textures! This trick eliminates a drab look in the kitchen, so use your creativity and stay balance.

There are many kitchen decorating ideas in 2013, choose the one you love the most and consider your budget as well.

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