7 Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

You will face a lot of options when buying a kitchen countertop. Each material has different characteristics, especially advantages and disadvantages. Many factors make each material of countertops has different prices. Let’s find out various options of kitchen countertops that you can choose.


kitchen countertops options

It’s the most affordable material. Laminate is known as a durable material, available in a variety of patterns, textures and colors. This countertop surface has water and stain resistant. The maintenance is easy, clean out the surface with a solution of water and soap. The disadvantages are easily get scratches and chips, not durable to heat.

Solid surface

solid surface kitchen countertops options

This material is easy to maintain, only with a solution of water and soap. Durability is unquestionable as it highly resistant to permanent damage. Behind the advantages, many disadvantages you must consider. Solid surface is expensive, dark colors will make nicks easy to show up on the surface. Although solid surface is one of the best kitchen countertop options, consider it carefully.


marble kitchen countertops options

If you are looking for material with water and heat resistant, marble is the answer. More and more homeowners choose marble since it has a smooth surface and a beautiful look. Not only durable, this material is easy to clean. No wonder the price is expensive. However, marble is easy stained by oil, sugar, lemon juice and alcohol.


granite kitchen countertops options

This material supports with heat and water resistant, highly durable to lemon juice, oil and alcohol, so there will be no stains on the surface. Granite is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Never use the surface as a cutting board, it will dull knife. Prepare your budget as the price is expensive.


slate kitchen countertops options

If you are looking for an affordable countertop, slate is the best call as the price is less expensive than granite and marble. The maintenance is easy, remove surface damage with sandpaper. Many features owned by this countertop, especially heat and water resistant. What about the disadvantage? The lower cabinets may require reinforcement, that’s all.


wood kitchen countertops options

Many people choose wood countertops to complete their rustic kitchens. Although wood countertop offers excellent chopping surface, but it can easily get scratches. The surface only resistant to moderate heat, but never put hot pan on it or there will be scorch marks.

Stainless steel

stainless steel kitchen countertops options

This material is extremely hygienic, but easy to clean. The disadvantages are cold and noisy, the price is expensive. The maintenance is difficult as the surface is easily get scratches.

These are various options of kitchen countertops that you can choose. Pick something based on budget and desire.

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