7 Ideas For Great Custom Kitchen Islands

More and more people are considering custom kitchen islands. No wonder, they only want the most appropriate island for their kitchens, especially based on demand and need. Nowadays, kitchen islands become the most important elements to provide extra workspace and storage. Why custom islands? There are several reasons and one of them is kitchen islands for sale unable to meet demand and need.

Islands not only offer a function as a meal preparation space. Many people including professional home designers use them as double function. The kitchen area can become a nice gathering place for friends and family. Kitchen islands now serve as an additional eating area, so there is no need to enjoy breakfast in the dining room anymore. In a large kitchen, the island serves as a connector within the working triangle to make food preparation more efficient. Although custom kitchen islands managed to draw many people attention, there are several things need to consider when planning your own kitchen.

ventilation hood custom kitchen islands

1. Remember that islands only work best in larger G, U or L-shape kitchens. Island won’t fit well in a small kitchen, make the space appears smaller and block your movement. So, what is the best solution? A kitchen cart or portable butcher block are the best custom kitchen islands, especially for small to midsize kitchens.

size custom kitchen islands

2. Several people add their kitchen islands with a cooktop. In this case, they must add a ventilation hood to eliminate bad odors, steam and smoke. For a proper ventilation system, the hood should extend 3 inches beyond the cooking area or more on the sides. Install a fan with the correct size to remove bad odors in the kitchen.

sink custom kitchen islands

3. Do you want to add a sink? The sink must deep enough for washing, cleaning large pans and pots. Don’t forget to add a recycle bin, garbage disposal and trash compactor near the island. The cleanup activity will be so much easier and neater.

shelf space custom kitchen islands

4. If consider adding a sink or cooktop feature, provide adequate countertop space on left and right sides when you are using the extra feature. Add at least 15 inches of countertop space or more if you have a large kitchen. Don’t forget to use rounded countertop corners to avoid bad bruises.

pendant custom kitchen islands

5. Boost custom kitchen islands by using shelf space on the sides for storage, collectibles and cookbooks.

countertop custom kitchen islands

6. Consider carefully for the countertop material. If you are going to use the island more often as a chopping area, choose butcher-block while marble or granite for baking purposes. Choose countertop based on material.

counter space custom kitchen islands

7. Many people boost their custom kitchen islands by installing the pendant lighting system. The lights will illuminate directly over the island, make them feel comfort to prepare food and chopping.

Interested? Most custom kitchen islands are expensive, but they are the best option to meet demand and need.

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