7 Ideas For Small Kitchen Renovations

Small kitchen renovations could be an exciting challenge to a homeowner or professional designers, but sometimes even more tricky compared to large spaces. There are so many problems to overcome, especially how to add storage and style into the small spaces. The real challenge is how to create a balance function with luxury. Read on to find out how to maximize several ideas for small kitchen renovations and add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

clutter ideas for small kitchen renovations

Avoid clutter

The countertops should be free from any clutter to create a roomy kitchen space. To do so, you have to improvise the storage space between the upper and lower cabinets by adding some new doors or throw away unused items. Use the cabinets for hiding small appliances that are rarely-used.


Two important elements in the kitchen, countertops and cabinets, should be mutual support to create a balance look. For example white classic cabinetry will pair extremely well with granite countertops or granite-look laminate benchtops.

ideas for small kitchen renovations

Be creative

Creative and innovative are two necessity factors in a small kitchen. Modifying and using a rolling cart as an extra workspace is one of the best ideas for small kitchen renovations, which is used as an island whenever needed. It can be wheeled to the dinner room to bring foods.

Provide light

More light make the kitchen feels larger. Besides installing proper lighting systems, make sure the small spaces receive sufficient natural light. To do so, remove curtains, shades and blinds to make sunlight easy go inside.

ideas for small kitchen renovations

Spacious illusion

Creating a spacious illusion is easy! The simple way is changing cabinet doors with glass front doors or frosted glass-front doors. This trick ensures your small kitchen remains airy.

Two tones

Add character through painting is one of ideas for small kitchen renovations. Change the color of your kitchen island, choose between bright colors or light-color stains. Make sure the second color merges well with the primary color.

ideas for small kitchen renovations


Put cookbooks and spices in the shelving could boost kitchen display. You only need one or two shelves installed on the wall.

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