6 Types of Kitchen Floor Tile, What is Your Choice?

Not easy to choose a tile for the kitchen floor, many things need to consider and one of them is non-slip feature. Kitchen is an area prone to spill and wet floor could easily lead to accidents such as falling or slipping. Kitchen floor tile with non-slip surface feature become a very popular choice.

kitchen floor tile

1. Build an exotic kitchen will be easier with Saltillo tiles. Never doubt these tiles, made ??from handmade with special clay. This is a perfect choice to create awesome decoration, especially if you want to build a Mediterranean kitchen style.

Undeniable beauty, but these tiles are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, they need extra protection or seal regularly. Use a damp mop to clean them up.

2. Travertine becomes a popular choice not only for kitchen, but also bathroom too. This style is available in various beautiful colors. Although it is a popular choice, some manufacturers recommend avoid install large tiles, especially in a high-traffic kitchen. This step aims to avoid cracking.

kitchen floor tile

Before you install the tiles, better to seal them because travertine has pores that are able to absorb spills. Be careful choosing polished travertine because in wet condition, this tile is prone to slippery.

3. Granite is a kitchen floor tile known for its durability and isn’t susceptible to acidic spills such as soda or coffee. Even so, this tile needs a routine maintenance and the homeowner must mop daily in order to keep the surface remains smooth without any scratches.

kitchen floor tile

4. Slate is a good choice for a high-traffic kitchen and this natural stone has high durability. Non-slip surface is an important feature and available in different textures, but this tile has a limited color selection.

5. Ceramic tiles are also a perfect choice for a high-traffic kitchen and available in two surfaces: matte or glossy. Although known for its durability, this tile has drawbacks as prone to crack or chip.

6. Are you looking for a kitchen floor tile tougher than ceramic? The answer is porcelain. The main obstacle, the price is expensive, not the best deal for people on a budget.

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