6 Easy Steps Installing Kitchen Sink By Your Own

Some people reluctant installing kitchen sink by themselves. No wonder, this is a complex job and most people wouldn’t want to do it, unless if they have a skill and experience. People choose to hire a professional because unsure able to install the kitchen sink properly, even they feared to making a mistake and ruining everything. It’s really reasonable.

installing kitchen sink

However, hiring a professional requires you to paying extra. You already spend money to buy a kitchen sink and the price is enough to drain out your wallet, hire someone professional means there is an extra expense. This is a bad story for those with limited budget. No need to panic and worry, if you want to save some money, the best option is doing the job yourself.

Doing the job yourself give experience and basic knowledge, mainly concerned about how to installing kitchen sink. Whether you buy a Rohl sink or a kitchen sink Blanco, by gaining an experience, you will know about the sink details and the proper way how to overcome damage.

In kitchen sink installation, there are basic steps can you do. There are a few things you need to prepare before installation, such as:

1. Prepare faucet, p-trap, tubing, strainer and all the sink parts, no less.

2. Prepare specific tools for installation such as a jigsaw, electric drill and measuring tape. Bring your complete toolbox!

3. Prepare extra supplies like plumber’s putty and adhesive tape. Never forget to prepare a flashlight for caution.

After complete preparation, let’s do the installation!

1. Measure the space for the sink, right under your countertop. This is an important step to buy a suitable sink for your countertop.

2. The next step is using the template that came with the sink to find out the best position. Make sure you leave a minimum of 1.5 inches between the edge of the countertop and the sink. Before you remove the template, use adhesive tape to mark its outline.

3. Now, use electric drill to make 3/8 inch holes. Make sure you make one hole to each four corners of the sink. Use a marker to connect the holes. Take a saber saw to cut off the countertop, from one hole to another hole. Then, you will have an open space to install the sink.

4. The next step is installing the faucet with appropriate instructions and you must connect the sink strainer to the sink strainer hole.

5. Put the sink in well positioned, make sure there is no open space among the countertop and sink. Thus, your next step is locking the sink into the countertop.

6. Completed. Now, your job is to hook up the sink to the plumbing, you can find it right underneath the countertop. You must connect the flexible tubing and p-trap, then you may connect the strainer to the drain pipe. It’s easy!

Actually, installing kitchen sink is an easy job, right? If you are unsure, ask an experienced friend. No need to pay since you can buy them a lunch and a cup of coffee.

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