6 Small Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If your small modern kitchen not reflects something you want, remodeling entire design is the best thing you can do! Avoid mistake for second time by reading right references on the internet, so many small modern kitchen remodeling ideas on this article and you can try them.

Smaller appliances

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

Large appliances will make small kitchen appears more crowded and busy, eliminate the modern atmosphere. Free up space by choosing smaller appliances. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers offer appliances in compact sizes with double function. Modern kitchen can’t escape from stainless steel appliances, especially covered in black or white color. So, if your kitchen doesn’t have stainless steel appliances, spend money for several things. Remove old appliances that are not reflecting modern shade.

Neutral & bold colors

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

One of modern kitchen ideas is the colors, especially neutral and bold. A good combination between white, silver and black will create a nice modern touch. Use this color on expensive items such as appliances, cabinets and flooring. Consider painting the walls a bright white for a modern atmosphere without create an overwhelm feeling. Take a look at small kitchen design pictures and ideas for more ideas.

Minimum accessories

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

No need to fulfill kitchen with too many accessories, stay on a minimalist concept. Make sure the countertops are free from clutter, hide unwanted and unnecessary items and store them away in the storage. A cleaner look will make small modern kitchen appears larger. Creativity is the key to create attractive storage, such as install magnet strips on the wall to store metal spice jars and knives.

Natural materials

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

Modern kitchens not only dominated with stainless steel materials, but natural and manmade materials. Find cabinets with maple wood facing and frosted glass insert, modern touch and so humanly. Update existing cabinets with steel drawer pulls and handles. Consider choosing a stainless steel island to act as eating area or work surface.

Modern backsplash

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

Choose backsplash that is able to reflecting the light. Glass tiles or plexiglas is the best choice that creating illusion for small kitchen.

Straight lines

small modern kitchen remodeling ideas

One of small modern kitchen remodeling ideas is stay on ‘straight lines’ concept. Make sure all elements such as furniture, cabinets and countertops use ‘straight lines’ concept to evoke modern style. Avoid use ‘curves’ concept!

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