6 Perfect Ideas of Kitchen Design for Small Kitchens

Do not be shy for experimentation on your small kitchen because a small space isn’t a hindrance to try different styles. There are some rules that need to re-examined, so you can apply small kitchen styles without compromising its primary function.

kitchen design ideas for small kitchens

There are hundreds of kitchen design ideas you can use for small kitchens.

1. Provide storage for all kitchen appliances. A clear and clean counter creates a broader scene. Don’t hesitate to use creativity, combine fresh ideas to create something unique. In order to enhance elegancy, put some creative storage such as knife and sliding drawers or built-in spice.

2. Smaller appliances more advisable for small kitchen because they don’t take up a lot of space. Freestanding appliances would make kitchen appears cool, but this concept requires considerable space, which is impossible for a small kitchen.

Built-in appliances become a perfect solution because reduces space usage. All appliances are put in the same place, which means, more effective and efficient.

3. Lighting is the real solution to bring an illusion because it transforms a small space looks larger. Make sure the small kitchen isn’t the lack of light at several strategic spots. If you want to prepare a meal, don’t forget to install under-cabinet lighting which also serves as the highlights for back splash.

Put overhead lighting to illuminate major areas such as stove and sink, kitchen become brighter, so washing and cooking activities become more comfortable.

If you put a kitchen island, install pendant lighting fixtures to complete the design. Don’t overlook the importance of natural light and install a skylight to bring more light.

4. Instead of upper cabinets, you may prefer open shelving to create an open feeling. Although it is one of kitchen design ideas for small kitchens, put all items neatly.

5. Every kitchen needs workspace! Expand your workspace area with a mobile island. It is useful as counter space, eating area or extra storage. It’s easy to move anywhere, storable after being used.

6. Dark colors are not predestined with a small kitchen, but otherwise, light colors become a harmonious choice. Dark colors make a small kitchen looks narrower, while the light colors give an opposite effect.

Indeed, kitchen design ideas for small kitchens are available in a variety of ways. However, its application needs precision and alertness.

small kitchen designs.

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