6 Ideas Finding Countertop for Modern Kitchen

Remodel a kitchen design is a fun activity, especially if you want to change it with modern style. It is an easy and fun activity as you will find for modern kitchens ideas by using the internet. There are many elements you need to consider, one of them is the countertop. Since you want to have a modern kitchen, then replace the old countertop with the new one. It’s easy to find modern countertop, simply pay attention to the materials.

modern kitchen countertop ideas

Countertop is available in various types, depending on the materials. However, there is typical characteristics of modern countertop like simple lines, straight lines and easy to clean, especially the surface. If you look for modern kitchen countertop ideas, we will give references based on the materials.

Stone countertop

This material has high durability and divided into several types. You will find stone countertop made of soapstone, limestone, granite and marble. There are many beautiful colors available, start from neutral colors or earth tones.

Metal countertop

It is the perfect choice for a crisp and clean look. Metal offers advantages like anti-bacterial and stain-resistant. If you want a modern kitchen, consider stainless steel countertop. Copper and zinc are the best materials for eco-friendly kitchen. However, these materials are prone to scratches.

Concrete countertop

This material will bring an unusual look and you will find it in different colors. Another interesting thing is able to order in different forms, according to taste. However, you have to cover the concrete countertop before use it because vulnerable to porous.

Wood countertop

It is the right choice to bring warmth. However, there are many drawbacks like prone to scratching and staining. Be careful when working on it, for regular maintenance, you can use sandpaper to remove the scratches.

Laminate countertop

Laminate is expensive countertop material. It looks fancy, but available in one color only. No need to worry, laminate countertop is available in different designs.

Tile countertop

This is one of modern kitchen countertop ideas and cheap, a nice option for those with limited budget. You may use ceramic or granite tiles as the main materials, or combine those two materials. In fact, you can make mosaic for an unusual look.

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