5 Easy Ways to Remodel Very Small Kitchen

Not all homes are blessed with large kitchens. Some homeowners or apartment may be slightly disappointed have small kitchens. However, this problem can be resolved by overall remodel.

very small kitchen

Don’t let your activities in a small kitchen thwarted by lack of light. Remodel a very small kitchen isn’t a dream anymore. This article will give everything you need:

1. Small kitchen fits to use the L shape concept to add extra space. This concept is the best choice to provide a small breakfast table. If you have difficulty applying this concept, take some space from an adjoining room and a bit of room from the existing kitchen. Well, every situation may be different, be confident to use creativity and fresh ideas.

2. Besides choosing small appliances for your kitchen, consider a lighter color. Better to choose appliances with lighter color that all match. As you know, light colors become the best option to create the illusion of more space.

Be simple in choosing a color for appliances and no need to unify with counters, walls and flooring.

3. Do not let freestanding microwave mess up on your counter because it will take some space. Fortunately, many popular manufacturers bring a new innovation by creating microwaves that attach to the walls and uniquely, it also serves as a range hood. Innovation is useful for very small kitchen.

4. If you want to remodel overall design, take time to check the size of your current cabinets. If your cabinet is beyond specification or necessity, consider to change its size. It means, adjust the size of cabinet with your main necessity. However, all depends on your need for cooking utensils or appliances. Purchase as needed, get rid of useless items.

So, kitchen cabinets can accommodate all your needs properly and no excess, no need to add extra storage, which is impossible for very small kitchen.

5. Don’t pick wrong lighting fixture for a small kitchen. If you want a small kitchen looks modern and spacious, recessed lighting become a perfect answer. In this concept, no need to install a light fixture hanging below your ceiling.

small kitchens.

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