5 Things You Can Do To Build Italian Kitchen Design

Modern, country and contemporary are the most popular styles often applied to the kitchen. Why not try a new theme? Something different from the existing general themes! Italian kitchen design is the best style you can pick to bring a new atmosphere. If you showed interest, try to apply some of the following important aspects!

Italian kitchen design

1. Be careful when selecting a color scheme. Bring Italian atmosphere with Tuscan colors such as light greens, terracotta, burnt orange, rust, mustard yellows, golds and all colors categorized as earthy hues. Create something interesting by combining two colors and apply them to the kitchen. Make sure all elements have the same color to create a perfect color scheme.

2. Do not rely on colors alone, play textures too! Use a texture to kitchen elements such as countertops, floor and walls. Tuscan is a popular Italian kitchen design, if you have a high budget, consider install stone floors, granite countertops, tile backsplash and apply a textured finish or stucco to the walls. If you don’t have sufficient budget for replacing the flooring or countertops, bring Italian atmosphere with accessories and rugs.

Italian kitchen design

3. Reinforce Italian kitchen design with the Tuscan rustic light fixtures. Fill the kitchen with wrought iron fixtures, which available at thrift stores and antique stores. Complete the Italian look with lightbulbs that resemble candles.

Tips: Please avoid fixtures with a modern look or made with shiny metal.

4. If you want to make an eating area within the kitchen, consider a glass-topped table built with wrought iron legs. In order to create a nice appearance, pick chairs match the table.

For people with low budget who can’t afford get new chairs and a table, spend money for a tablecloth and seat cushions. Choose Italian tablecloth that available in different patterns such as colorful fruits, green vines and grapes.

5. Reinforce Italian kitchen design with accessories! There are a lot of things you can do such as hang pans and pots from metal hangers installed on the ceiling or beautify the top of cabinets with ceramic plates and decorative pottery bowls. There are a lot of things you can do, feel free to use your creativity.

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