5 Steps How to Start Design Kitchen Online Free

There are many ways to design a kitchen online! Nowadays, more and more websites are offering a service to determine the kitchen’s design, whether free or premium that need to pay. How design kitchen online free? Here are some steps you can do!

design kitchen online free

1. Prepare everything you need to design or make kitchen floor plan. In this case, purchase graph paper, pencil and tape measure.

2. Measure your kitchen! Take a detailed measurement, you can expect what will fit or not. Take the wall measurements onto graph paper and make a kitchen floor plan. Ensure the floor plan is fit well to kitchen condition.

Input all measurements, include windows, doors. Draw all important elements onto graph paper. In this point, you must be detailed to everything. Note everything, even the smallest thing. Don’t forget to measure from floor to ceiling for additional design.

3. After you have taken and input all measurements onto graph paper, now it is time to start creating the layout of your kitchen. There are three websites you have to visit because they offer a design kitchen online free.

design kitchen online free

a. IKEA not only offers kitchen products, but also a free online design at www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/rooms_ideas/splashplanners.html.

b. If you want to design a kitchen in offline mode, download free trial program from SmartDraw at http://www.smartdraw.com/specials/kitchendesign.asp.

c. Another free application that a lot of fun is Floor planner. Go visit the official website at http://www.floorplanner.com/.

4. Those three websites enable the users to insert kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture into the floor plan.

5. Kitchen appliances and furniture become an indispensable part of kitchen floor plan. You have to make a list of important appliances, so does furniture. In order to get the best floor plan, take a time to do a little research about kitchen furniture and appliances.

Don’t be afraid spend your time try design kitchen online free. All three websites above are easy to use, even for a newbie who blind about design.

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