5 Steps Decorating the Apartment Kitchen at a Small Cost

Having an unkempt and outdated kitchen is a risk of renting an apartment. It does not mean you can’t do something, give a magical touch because there are certain techniques able to change the kitchen decor look like new and won’t drain a lot of money.

apartment kitchen decorating

There are many projects ready to start such as refinishing cabinets, flooring and surfaces. All could be done quickly and won’t take for months to achieve a new look. Decorating the apartment kitchen won’t take a big budget and could be done in a day.

1. Prepare paint to coat wooden cabinets in your kitchen. Typically, apartment offers a small kitchen and a light color is a perfect choice. Some colors like dove gray, ivory and white. If an apartment offers a large kitchen, it’s no problem to use a darker color like salmon, green or navy.

In essence, choose a color that exudes warmth. The kitchen is a gathering place, so color will act to strengthen the atmosphere.

2. An instant and fastest way to change kitchen decor is replacing door and drawer hardware. Visit a home improvement store, there are many options available and renter may adjust based on a theme, either country or contemporary.

3. Everybody crave a beautiful backsplash in the kitchen. Usually, an apartment kitchen doesn’t have this feature and renter can make it using a peel-and-stick wallpaper backsplash. This wallpaper won’t create a permanent change and easily to remove at any time. Choose pattern and design according to your kitchen theme.

4. Update your dull kitchen floors. If the apartment is using vinyl floor, find and install new peel-and-stick vinyl tiles to coat the surface. It is the fastest and cheapest way! The apartment owner won’t give a penalty because it won’t give a permanent change.

5. The last thing you can do is replacing the kitchen faucet. You should replace the faucet when the old one looks dull and unsightly. This is one of apartment kitchen decorating ideas that will give noticeable changes besides replacing the drawer and door pulls.

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