Five Steps to Clean Up White Kitchen Sink Faucet to Look New

Modern kitchen become a favorite choice for many people because offers something unique, usually dominated by black and white furnishings. White kitchen sink faucet could beautify the space because can perfectly integrated. Most of faucets made of stainless steel, bronze or chrome and adorned with different colors, one of them is white.

white kitchen sink faucet

Many people choose it because easy to put together with other colors around kitchen or simply regarded as diversion. Even so, white kitchen faucets have a shortage! We must clean it regularly because if there is a stain then will be obvious seen.

Dirty kitchen faucets could give eyesore and bad impression. Clean it regularly is the best solution but you should careful to do it, even advisable not to use abrasive cleanser because could damage the faucet.

white kitchen sink faucet

How to keep the faucet stay clean, white and shining like new?

1. Make a water solution with dish soap mixture. Take paper towel and submerge into it, rubbed on the faucet and clean the visible stains. After that, clean the soap on faucet using a paper towel soaked using plain water.

Note: You will need two paper towels and two basins for different purposes.

2. Kitchen faucet could look shiny and luminous, wipe it with terry cloth. If white faucet just installed a few months ago, it will look clean and new.

Even if you’ve done steps 1 and 2 but get disappointed result and look dull, you can do the next step.

white kitchen sink faucet

3. Pour white vinegar into bowl and soak the paper towel for 10 minutes then wipe the faucet.

4. When finished rubbing faucet by using white vinegar, prepare a paper towel and then submerge in plain water and rubbing the faucet to remove the vinegar.

Note: White vinegar also works as a disinfectant.

5. As a final touch, take a clean dry terry cloth and rub on the faucet. Don’t forget to anoint it with baby oil drops which useful to prevent water spots.

Apparently maintenance and clean the white kitchen sink faucet is extremely easy. Try it!

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