Five Steps to Buy Kitchen Rugs According to Our Taste

There are many ways to beautify kitchen design and one of them is unifying theme and room decoration color. We can it by putting kitchen rugs. Besides decorate the room, it can bring warmth, especially when winter arrives and the floor is too cold for your bare feet.

kitchen rugs

The kitchen is gathering place for family members and friends, they often paced in this area and therefore should choose sturdy rug. In this article, we can find valuable tips about how to choosing kitchen rugs.

1. Begin measuring rug area and make sure the location isn’t blocking the door. For the rug size, decide based on your needs! It means, if you want to coat entire kitchen floor by using a rug or a specific location.

2. It’s time to choose a rug. There are many colors and fabrics available, and for starters, we need to collect references. Create a book catalog contains a piece of fabric and colors derived from elements in the kitchen. If you don’t want to wasting time, use your phone camera to take kitchen pictures.

kitchen rugs

3. After collecting all references we need, it’s time to hunt ideal rug! Take a time to check furniture stores around your city. Don’t forget to bring a list and references, which one is the most suitable.

There are some things we have to consider, especially color scheme. We must be careful in choosing a color and dark color rug is the best choice. Why? It can cover food spills and dirt so not visible by naked eye.

kitchen rugs

Polypropylene is durable material and often decorate kitchen floor. But we also have to consider the tiles. Rug with a rubber backing is the best choice for tile or hardwood because not easily slip or use rug pad.

4. If furniture stores around town don’t have rug we want, shopping online is alternative shouldn’t be missed. We can also make comparison prices.

5. For those who funded limited, try to take time to see a collection at the thrift store. Maybe you can find kitchen rugs in good condition and the price is cheap.

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