5 Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips You Can Apply!

Several homeowners often feel lost when remodeling their small kitchens because they don’t know what to do. Do you feel the same too? You come to the right place, here are small kitchen remodeling tips you can apply!

small kitchen remodeling tips

1. Renew the look of kitchen windows by replacing the curtains. Choose short curtains made of cotton and don’t forget to remove bulky valances. Let more natural lighting come into your small kitchen area by using simple tie backs to hold the curtains. To make small kitchen appears larger and spacious, choose pinstriped and solid fabrics.

2. What can you do to the cabinets? The simple thing is giving a new paint or stain, but choosing a light color. For upper cabinets, you can decorate them with decals or stencils. They will create the illusion of higher ceilings.

small kitchen remodeling tips

Another way you can do is replacing wooden doors with clear acrylic, this trick helps small kitchen get a spacious appearance. One of small kitchen remodeling tips for homeowner with limited budget is removing the doors and replacing them with small curtains. Get a more open look by using simple tie backs to hold up the curtains.

3. Small kitchen need proper lighting, whether during the day or night. If small kitchen get enough lighting, a crowded and narrow look will vanish. There are various options ready to install, such as under-cabinets lighting to illuminate countertops, small lamps on kitchen furniture and countertops, recessed and track lighting system.

small kitchen remodeling tips

4. Don’t use dark flooring to small kitchen and you are advisable to replace it with a lighter shade. Try solid colors of laminate or linoleum in a large design to avoid a busy and cluttered look.

5. The last thing to do and one of small kitchen remodeling tips is updating kitchen appliances. No need to spend money any more for new appliances, go to local home improvement stores and find a stainless steel-looking self-adhesive film. It’s easy to install and will make small kitchen look larger.

Of course, there are still more small kitchen remodeling tips available out there and don’t forget to use your creativity.

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