5 Retro Kitchen Curtains Ready to Reinforce Style

There are many reasons why people make their choice to have a retro kitchen. In fact, they are willing to spend time looking for retro kitchen table and spend a lot of money to buy it. According to experts, retro kitchen offers a stylish and sassy design. No wonder, there are a lot of people who want it so bad.

If you really want a retro kitchen, don’t forget to buy supplies and accessories associated with this style, one of them is a curtain. Honestly, looking retro kitchen curtains aren’t too difficult because there are some patterns and colors will strengthen this style such as:

1. Floral patterns were success to get popularity in 1970s. In that decade, earthy colors and everything related to nature get huge success to hit the top list. No wonder this style is appropriate to decorate kitchen.

retro kitchen curtains

How to set it up and serve as a focal point in the kitchen? Cover kitchen area with light green or white then choose a full windows curtain with attractive patterns such as brown, hunter green and large orange flowers. At the last curtain, attach orange tassels to give magnetize look.

retro kitchen curtains

2. If you interested, choose white café curtain with cherry patterns. However, this curtain won’t bring full privacy as won’t cover entire window area. Well, all depends on your taste!

3. Orange curtain to strengthen retro impression in the kitchen. To complete the look, put valance on the top. You may combine with velvet or plush fabric. Choose the one that will show luxury and elegance!

4. Turn sheer into white café curtains, install it and you will have spacious kitchen window. This is a trick to produce a different look. As a complement, attach sheer drapery which able to pull to side.

retro kitchen curtains

5. Install vintage patterned tablecloth on windows will enhance retro style. Make sure the size is appropriate to window to look fit and avoid weirdness.

Those are five retro kitchen curtains ready to use! Choose the one that matches with color scheme, don’t hesitate to try one by one to find out the best choice!

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